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Infinite Engineering and Construction Co., Ltd. was founded on the 11th July 1988 with and initial capital of baht 1 million., The company’s business in that time mainly started in the field of general construction, focusing on factories and buildings’ structures. In other words, company’s projects were architectural and constructional subcontractor from the leading domestic and international construction company. The company has grown up rapidly, succeeded in its own business. In 1997 the company’s registered capital was raised to baht 300 million. And the company continued to have projects from government and private sector regularly until now.

During Thailand’s economic crisis (1997-1998) many companies had to shut down or lay off their employees, however our company could get through that tough period by management strategies of the company and its effective cooperation of employees. None of the employee was laid of until present, the company still grows up successfully.

We are committed to develop and providing high value construction in government and private sector. In 2017, the company increased its registered capital to baht 300 million to enhance its competitiveness and expansion our company to the future.

The Infinite Engineering and Construction Co., Ltd., thus, is a perfect well-prepared company which consists of a well-trained staff and long-vision managers, high technological machineries, well-known projects. It can be said that our company is ready to be a leading front-row company both in the national and international level

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